MOCAP Course Catalog Key


  • A/B = Indicates a course has a first semester (A) and a second semester (B)
    • The semesters can be taken individually (first and second halves)
    • Courses listed per semester will be paid twice for a full year of the course
  • FY = Full Year course does not have individual semesters
  • Numbers after the course name indicate the grade level (i.e. Mathematics 6 is a Mathematics course for 6th graders)
  • Roman Numerals after the course name indicate the level of courses (i.e. Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III)


PDF Version CombinedCourseList
Excel Version CombinedCourseList
  • Local school districts and charter schools should connect with courseware providers directly to enroll students.
  • Local school districts and charter schools must ensure statutory requirements are met for non-MOCAP courses.
  • Districts grant diplomas, so please ensure course selections meet local district graduation requirements.
  • Please visit the Summer School Handbook to learn about virtual summer school.
  • Please visit the Missouri Graduation_Handbook to view the minimum state requirements for graduation as of May 2018.
  • Students taking more than two courses must have an individualized learning plan: Individual Career and Academic Plan