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  • A/B = Indicates a course has a first semester (A) and a second semester (B)
    • The semesters can be taken individually (first and second halves)
    • Courses listed per semester will be paid twice for a full year of the course
  • FY = Full Year course does not have individual semesters
  • Numbers after the course name indicate the grade level (i.e. Mathematics 6 is a Mathematics course for 6th graders)
  • Roman Numerals after the course name indicate the level of courses (i.e. Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III)
  • MOCAP courses must use either a vendor's teacher or an LEA's teacher
  • The curriculum-only (Program Code 52) courses are only for LEA's that use their own teacher
  • Private pay parents may work directly with vendors for enrollment and other options
  • Materials and book costs are separate from course price
  • Local school districts and charter schools should connect with courseware providers directly to enroll students.
  • Local school districts and charter schools must ensure statutory requirements are met for non-MOCAP courses.
  • Districts grant diplomas, so please ensure course selections meet local district graduation requirements.
  • Please visit the Summer School Handbook to learn about virtual summer school.
  • Please visit the Missouri Graduation_Handbook to view the minimum state requirements for graduation as of May 2018.
  • Students taking more than two courses must have an individualized learning plan: Individual Career and Academic Plan
  • Any student who wishes to represent his/her school in interscholastic sports or activities must meet a number of statewide (MSHSAA) and local essential eligibility requirements. Students should contact their school's athletic director or principal to review and discuss all necessary requirements for participation. Missouri State High School Activities Association
  • MOCAP Guidance