MOCAP payment options for Fall 2018 include the following:

Parent or Private Pay Students:

  • Home-school students, private school students, or students taking more than full time courses in public schools will register in MOCAP's student information system and then be contacted by the vendor for payment. 

Local school district:

  • Local school districts and charter schools will connect directly with the MOCAP Approved Vendor to arrange invoicing and register students for courses:


  • Accredited school districts are not required to pay MOCAP tuition for the Fall 2018 semester.
  • School districts classified by the state as unaccredited or provisionally accredited, are required to pay MOCAP tuition for students in their district for the Fall 2018 enrollment.
  • List of accreditation classifications: accreditation classifications
  • Districts required to pay MOCAP tuition for Fall 2018:
    • Calhoun R-VII (Provisionally Accredited)
    • Hayti R-II (Provisionally Accredited)
    • Hickman Mills C-1 (Provisionally Accredited)
    • Kansas City 33 (Provisionally Accredited)
    • Riverview Gardens (Provisionally Accredited)
    • Normandy Schools Collaborative (Provisionally Accredited)

The state:

  • Students who had courses previously paid by the state will need to work with local school district for enrollment starting January 2019.  The state funded seats end as of August 28, 2018.

Please visit the course enrollment dates page to learn about refunds from vendors.