Enrollment is open to missouri students in grades k-12.

ENROLL – MOCAP Course Providers

Contact your school to enroll in online courses from MOCAP course providers.

Your school administrator or school counselor will help you with the enrollment process.

Enrollment in a MOCAP course from a MOCAP course provider is subject to approval by your district.

Students may request one or more courses from these providers, which are paid for by their school district when the district approves the enrollment.

ENROLL – MOCAP Full-Time Providers

Contact the provider directly to enroll.

The provider will help you with the enrollment process.

There is no approval needed from your local school district for full-time hosted MOCAP program enrollment.

More information

Districts are not required to provide technology for MOCAP students.

Full-time students are transferred to the MOCAP provider’s host district, which has an impact on MSHSAA eligibility.

MOCAP courses are aligned to Missouri Learning Standards and are taught by Missouri certified teachers.

Students who do not participate in full-time MOCAP coursework will be transferred back to their resident district.

MOCAP students are required to take Missouri state assessments.

MOCAP allows students to take rigorous and unique courses aligned to their interests.