District communicates to parents as required by law (e.g. website, registration, handbook)

Parent / Guardian / Student indicate interest in enrolling in course through MOCAP

School provides enrollment information and parent completes appropriate LEA forms (electronic or paper)

School team (or IEP1504 team) reviews request and makes “best educational interest” determination

Request denied for “good cause” based on the “best educational interest” of the child

Request approved; school begins the process of enrolling the student with the appropriate MOCAP vendor


Who can enroll in MOCAP?

To be eligible for MOCAP, a student must be a resident of Missouri, enrolled full time in grades K-12, under the age of 21, and have attended a Missouri public school or charter school for at least one semester prior to requesting enrollment. Decisions to deny enrollment must be based on the best educational interest of the individual student. Once approved, students are enrolled in MOCAP courses by the school district or charter school.

What steps do students take to enroll?

Students should follow district or charter school policy and procedures to request enrollment in MOCAP courses. It is advisable to contact the counselor at the local school to determine what courses are needed to satisfy local graduation requirements. A full list of MOCAP-approved courses are available on the  Course Catalog section of the MOCAP website. Once the district or charter approves the students enrollment, it will then enroll the student with the provider.

Can a student enroll part time?

MOCAP offers course options as part of a student’s current course load. MOCAP also has options for full-time enrollment. Students should work with their school to determine the course enrollment that is in their best educational interest.

Can students change a course or return to school if they are not successful?

Changing a course may be possible early in the semester. The procedure for changing courses will depend on the LEA and courseware provider. Students should contact their school counselor and the courseware provider to discuss any changes in courses. Students wanting to withdraw from MOCAP should notify their school immediately.

MOCAP Course Information

What courses are available through MOCAP?

The  MOCAP catalog contains a comprehensive list of all courses offered by MOCAP providers. There are course options for students in grades K-12.

How do students know they are taking the right course(s)?

Students and families interested in the MOCAP program should work with their schools to determine the best courses for the individual student. District or charter school counselors and administration can help ensure course selections meet local graduation requirements, and that the student has the prerequisite skills needed for the course. Please visit the Missouri  Graduation Handbook to view the minimum state requirements for graduation as of September 2019. Students taking more than two MOCAP courses must have an  Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). For high school students this will be the  Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).

What does it mean if a course is synchronous or asynchronous?

Synchronous learning happens in real time, with the teacher and students present together during the learning. This can be accomplished using video conferencing, live chat, or instant messaging. Asynchronous learning is when teachers post materials and learners work through assignments on a flexible schedule. This is can be accomplished using audio and video clips or written material. There are pros and cons to each approach, and depending on the individual student and situation, one may be more appropriate. Students are encouraged to discuss with their counselor which type of learning environment would be best for them. 

Will students have a teacher?

Yes, a Missouri-certified teacher will be the instructor for all MOCAP courses. Students can communicate with teachers in multiple ways (for example via e-mail, phone, online messaging, etc.) to ask questions or request assistance.

Will MOCAP issue students a diploma?

No, MOCAP is not a school and does NOT offer a complete high school diploma program. Instead, we offer courses that will be applied to the student’s transcript at the local school toward graduation. Successful MOCAP students will graduate with a high school diploma from the local school district or charter school in which they are enrolled.

How is MOCAP different than home schooling?

Home schooling is one of the options available for meeting the state’s compulsory attendance law,  Section 167.031, RSMo. DESE does NOT regulate or monitor home schooling in Missouri, nor does it have authority to issue regulations or guidelines concerning home schooling.

Typically, home schooling involves the parent as a teacher. MOCAP uses Missouri-certificated teachers provided by our online software vendors. MOCAP is not a home school program, but many of our parents use MOCAP courses to educate their children at home. MOCAP students remain enrolled at their resident districts or charter schools; must meet local graduation requirements; and must participate in Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) and End of Course (EOC) testing according to their resident districts or charter schools’ schedules. As stated above, MOCAP does not issue a high school diploma; instead we offer courses that will be applied to the student’s transcript at the local school toward graduation.

Please contact  DESE with further questions about enrolling in MOCAP when home schooling or attending a private school.

How much time can MOCAP students expect to spend working on their courses?

A student should plan to spend at least one hour a day, five days a week, on each course. In other words, at least five hours per week on each course. This is similar to the amount of time a student would spend in a course at the local “brick and mortar” school.

Student’s Appeal Process

There is an appeal process if a student is denied access to a MOCAP course. Please refer to  Section 161.670, RSMo to learn about the LEA’s responsibility in the MOCAP appeal process. Parents/guardians must first work with the LEA before submitting the appeal to DESE. Parents/guardians may only submit the record reviewed by the local school board and its decision to the  MOCAP Appeal website. The LEA will receive notification of the appeal and a copy of the submitted documentation. Only MOCAP courses offered during the regular school year are eligible for appeal. The appeal process does not apply to summer school or virtual courses that are not MOCAP approved.