Students who are not private pay should work with the local school district or charter school.

MOCAP approved courses will be aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards and taught by appropriately certified teachers.

Educator(s), Course(s) and Student(s) Reporting in Core Data:

  • The LEA paying for the online course where student is enrolled and attending is responsible for reporting in Core Data.
  • An approved MOCAP course will have a program code of "50 MOCAP" and a delivery system of "V." 
  • A virtual course that is not MOCAP approved, will only have a delivery system (no program code).



Exhibit 34-Reporting Instruction via Technology

Course Delivery

Electronic Media



Delivery System Code






Student is taking a course via CD, DVD, online, etc. at the LEA which has purchased the program.
Some utilization of this delivery method could be credit recovery or serving at-risk students. Examples include Rosetta Stone, OdysseyWare , Plato, etc.

Student is taking an asynchronous (teacher and students do not usually interact simultaneously) online course with a Missouri- certificated teacher. The course may be provided by the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP), other LEAs, a higher education institution (Mizzou K12 Online) or a commercial company.

Student is taking a synchronous (teacher and students interacting simultaneously) course at the LEA via interactive
television (ITV) or distance education programs.


Instruction Characteristics

Content of instruction is not developed or delivered by the local teacher. No direct teacher instruction or involvement. Does not include asynchronous instruction that is part of a virtual/online course.

Content of instruction is developed by the course provider or developed locally, and is delivered by a Missouri- certificated teacher.

Content of instruction is developed and delivered by the ITV teacher.


Teacher of Record/Educator Reported

Physically present supervisor of the classroom/computer lab, but is not providing the instruction.

Teacher leading/supporting the instruction.

Teacher leading the instruction.


Teacher Certification

Missouri-certificated at appropriate grade level, but not necessarily in the
content area.

Missouri-certificated in the content area and grade level.

Missouri-certificated in the content area and grade level.