Registration for Fall 2018 semester is now available. Students should enroll in their local school districts to register directly with the online provider. Provisional and unnacredited districts are required to pay for courses for the August 13th start date.


*Please note: the law changes August 28, 2018 and families are encouraged to work with their local school district or charter school.




Districts should visit the MOCAP approved provider to coordinate enrollment and registration of courses.


For multiple student enrollments, districts should use the following form to register students in Mizzou K-12's Fall 2018: District MOCAP Student Program Application Form


Students who are not private pay will be directed to work with the local school district.

Directions for Parent Pay Students Only:

Please specify a student email address and guardian email address when registering.



  • Login to MOCAP for Parents
  • Click on "Register New Parent"
  • Enter parent email address and click “Register New Parent” (an email will be sent with the auto-generated password)
  • Login to MOCAP for Parents
  • Follow the prompts to register for courses
  • Select course(s)
  • Payment (select Parent Pay)
  • After you enter all of your information you can "Add Student"

Please note: Be sure the correct district is selected. You may refer to your personal property tax receipt or the county assessor’s website.


  • Visit the MOCAP Login Page for Parents.
  • Login to your existing account with your User ID and password
  • Follow the prompts to register for courses
  • Select course(s)
  • Payment (select Parent Pay)

Register for COURSES:

  • Login to MOCAP for Parents.
  • From the Home page, under the students name you will see a box with a drop down arrow
  • Choose "Class Pre-registration Requests"
  • Click "Update Display"
  • Click on "Edit Requests"
  • Click on "Add Request"
  • Fill out:
    • VIP Term (this is the start date of the course)
    • Payment (select Parent Pay)
  • Choose the courses and vendor by clicking the "Select box" on the left hand side column
  • Click "Add Selected Entries to Requests"
  • Click "Save"
  • The vendor will contact you directly to coordinate payment and provide log-in credentials
  • You will receive an email from MOCAP Information telling what courses have been requested

ADD A STUDENT to an existing account (families):

  • Login to MOCAP for Parents
  • Click on the "Family Data" tab at the top left of the page
  • Click on the "Edit" tab on the left hand side of the page
  • Click on the blue "add new student"
  • Scroll down to the fields for a new student
  • Enter student information
  • Click on "Submit Changes for School to Update Their Records"