Will students have a teacher?

Yes, a Missouri-certified teacher will be the instructor for all MOCAP courses.  Students can communicate with teachers in multiple ways (for example via e-mail, phone, online messaging, etc.) to ask questions or request assistance.


Some MOCAP courses are curriculum only and require the local school to have the ability to provide a certified teacher for the course. If the local school is unable to provide a certified teacher for a course it is recommended that the student consider course options with teachers. 


What type of students can benefit from using MOCAP?

Often students confronted with the following scenarios benefit from MOCAP courses:


  • Courses not offered by the local school
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Homebound
  • Teen parents
  • Home schooled
  • Alternative or at‐risk students
  • Enrichment and/or Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities
  • Students who want to improve their skills in a particular subject


What do students need to do to be successful with online courses?

It is vital that students log in as often as possible and submit assignments on time. Falling behind in an online course makes it very difficult to succeed. Students should keep in close contact with their teachers and keep up with assignments. Many students find it helpful to follow a daily schedule.


What personal and technical skills do students need to succeed in an online course?

Students who choose to participate in online courses will need to examine their personal skills. The following personal skills can contribute to a student’s success:


  • Self-motivated
  • Committed
  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Computer literate/tech savvy
  • Efficient time manager
  • Effective writer and communicator


Will students have class discussions?

Possibly. Class discussion may take place in an online discussion area where comments are displayed and left up throughout the course. Students in synchronous courses may have discussions during class. Students may be required to participate in these important discussions regularly. In most courses, the quality of “class participation” will be factored into a student’s final grade.