What are the advantages of MOCAP for school districts and charter schools?

Online education offers learning choices that are effective, flexible, and accessible. These courses can expand offerings, resolve scheduling conflicts, and meet other specific student needs. MOCAP simplifies the process of adding virtual courses to local schools curriculum. It takes care of the details by providing the content, platform, online teachers, technical support, training, and more.


Will school districts and charter schools need to revise some of their own policies and procedures to accommodate MOCAP?

Districts and charters must ensure their policies are aligned with 5 CSR 20-100.230 Virtual Instruction Program, Section 161.670, RSMo, and Section 162.1250, RSMo. ¬† LEAs must inform parents about the availability of MOCAP in the parent handbook, registration documents, and must feature availability of the MOCAP program on the home page of the school district or charter school’s website.


How do local school districts and charter schools report MOCAP students to Core Data?

School districts and charter schools report MOCAP courses with program code 50 in the MOSIS October Cycle- Course Assignment.  MOCAP curriculum-only courses are reported with program code 52 in the MOSIS October cycle. For MOCAP curriculum-only courses, the school must provide an appropriately certified teacher.


Please see the Core Data & Missouri Student Information System (MOSIS) Reference Manual, Exhibit 34, for more details.


How are gifted services provided for MOCAP students?

Students enrolled in MOCAP courses either as part of their course load or full time remain students of the district or charter and should continue to receive gifted services. Either the courseware provider or the school may provide gifted services.