Who can enroll in MOCAP?

To be eligible for MOCAP, a student must be a resident of Missouri, enrolled full time in grades K-12, under the age of 21, and have attended a public school or charter school for at least one semester prior to requesting enrollment. Decisions to deny enrollment must be based on the best educational interest of the individual student. Once approved, students are enrolled in MOCAP courses by the school district or charter school.


What steps do students take to enroll?

Students should follow district or charter school policy and procedure to request enrollment in MOCAP courses. It is advisable to contact the counselor at the local school to determine what courses are needed to satisfy local graduation requirements. A full list of MOCAP-approved courses is available on the Course Catalog section of the MOCAP website. Once the district or charter approves the student’s enrollment, it will then enroll the student with the provider.


Can a student enroll part time?

MOCAP offers course options as part of a student’s current course load. MOCAP also has options for full-time enrollment. Students should work with their school to determine the course enrollment that is in their best educational interest.


Can students change a course or return to school if they are not successful?

Changing a course may be possible early in the semester. The procedure for changing courses will depend on the LEA and courseware provider. Students should contact their school counselor and the courseware provider to discuss any changes in courses. Students wanting to withdraw from MOCAP should notify their school immediately.

Can a school district or charter require a student to use a local option or specific MOCAP provider?

Enrollment decisions for MOCAP eligible students should be based on the individual student’s best educational interests. A district or charter-sponsored program or contract with a vendor would not be a reason to deny a MOCAP request. Enrollment requests from students and parents may include a specified provider.