MOCAP Fall Enrollment
START DATE 08/13/2018
END DATE 12/17/2018


Friday, August 24, 2018

Courses must be paid for or student will be dropped from the course(s). 

September 14, 2018

Students must submit work or they will be dropped from the course(s). 
This helps ensure that students know how to login and submit work, as well as technical requirements being met.

Monday, December 17, 2018

The Fall semester ends so students must have all work completed. There will be no extensions.


Students should have already received their books/materials.  However, in some cases, books and materials are still being processed and delivered.  We realize this can cause a delay in work submission.  However, if students have not yet received their books/materials, they can review course information and lessons, or work on other courses.   If you receive an email stating your book is on backorder, please email your instructor to alert them that books are not received.

Please note, once payment is received, it can take 7 days before materials are received, which is why the initial enrollment deadline was August 6th.

Please  contact the MOCAP office or your MOCAP counselor if you have questions regarding the program or deadlines:


Add/Drop Policy

Students may drop and add courses per the Add/Drop Policy as follows:

Dropping Courses

To prevent the need to drop courses, students are encouraged to preview the syllabus of their course to ensure they are prepared for the nature and rigor of the work. To get a general idea of what the MOCAP approved provider course may be like, students can also review the first lesson of our sample History Course.

Dropped courses will be designated as a “W” (Withdrawal).  Official transcripts will show any course with a “W” grade as long as the student has not taken the final exam.  

Course Drop & Tuition Credit Schedule*:

Time in Course Drop Credit
0-7 days in course (nothing submitted) 100% Drop Credit
0-7 days in course (items submitted) 90% Drop Credit - deduct $10 for every item graded
8-21 days in course 70% Drop Credit - deduct $10 for every item graded
22-42 days in course 50% Drop Credit - deduct $10 for every item graded
+43 days in course No Drop Credit

* Additional $75 AP fee is non-refundable.


Tuition Credit

Upon the course drop date, tuition payment will be credited to the student’s account (in the amount according to the schedule above) and less any other fees incurred. Please note $10 is deducted from the drop credit for every graded item.

Spending Tuition Credit

Students may use the balance on their account towards other enrollments or fees as assessed. Tuition credit cannot be used towards the purchase of textbooks. Students must get approval for the new course enrollment using the same process as they did for the original enrollment.

Refunding Account Balance Credits

Student accounts with credit balances (unused funds) will be automatically refunded the next upcoming refund date, with processing occurring in March, June, and October. Students may request a refund of the account balance prior to the next cycle by sending an email request to Please include the student’s first and last name and DOB (date of birth) in the request. Refunds are issued in the payment form they were received and to the original payer.